Canvas Art Elephant Tapestry

Canvas Art Elephant Tapestry


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Elephant Mandala Tapestry. Light weight. In variety of colors inspired by Indian Block prints. Great as a wall hanging, beach blanket or bedspread. 

Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Mandalan
Shape: Rectangle
Design: Mandala

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Note: Tapestries and Bedding are hand dyed and sewn. Tapestries may lack symmetry in pattern or have stray stitches that need to be trimmed. This is true of all tapestries. There may also be a lingering smell from the ink/dyes used in the process. You can choose to hang the tapestry outside for an hour or two and any remaining ink/dye smell will dissipate. You can machine wash your tapestry but we suggest air drying as cotton tends to shrink when dry heat is applied.

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