The newfound popularity of the choker doesn't look like it's fading anytime soon. Velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety chokers, has been seen on the necks of celebrities, Instagram darlings and indie brands alike have been pairing them with every look, from swimwear to formal attire.
Emerging from the trend is the multi-layered choker, the jewelry trend you can opt for. Whether transforming a simple outfit or adding an elegant detail, this accessory does it all.
Try experiment with different widths to find the styles to best complement your features.

Some good reasons the choker trend has gotten so hot.

  • They're sexy as hell.
  • If done correctly it can be an elegant statement piece.
  • Chokers looks good on everybody.
  • Chokers enhance your natural beauty by accentuating the structure of your jaw, cheeks and collar bones.

Whether your agenda for wearing chokers may be, we hope our ideas will inspire you to incorporate the choker trend into your look.

1. Multi Layer Black Suede Choker

Beautiful multi layer choker that will make any outfit sexy. The multiple strings create a gorgeous effect against the neck that can help to create a gorgeous outfit. Available in 3 different layers.

Multi Layer Black Suede Choker - click to see the price. 

2. Stars and Moon Layer Choker

Shine brighter than the night sky in the Shoot for the Stars. A clever mix of metal and fabric. Necklace features a crescent moon and star charm, on long chain. 

 Stars and Moon Layer Choker - Click to See Price. 

3. Velvet Ribbon Pearl Choker

The multiple strands allow you to tie your choker in a variety of ways to give your outfit multiple looks. Featuring a drop pearl pendant on both ends. 

Velvet Ribbon Pearl Choker - Click to See Price

4. Rhinestone Collar Choker Statement Necklace

This necklace combines two of the season’s biggest jewelry trends – chokers and lariat necklaces. Shows just how well edge and elegance can pair together. A must-have piece this season! 


5. Long Rhinestone Layered Choker

Long lariat necklace. Feel like a queen in an extravagant rhinestone choker. These dynamic pieces can be dressed up or down, but we especially like its sophisticated richness with a crisp black top and stilettos.

These are so popular because they are so flattering, make you look lean and long.

Long Rhinestone Layered Choker - Click to See Price.

 6. Double Layer Gold Floral and Velvet Choker

Anything mixed materials is fun. Velvet wide choker-style band and floral choker combination gives you this trendy look. 

Double Layer Gold Floral and Velvet Choker - Click to See Price.

7. Stunning Choker with Drop Pendant

Choker necklaces are this season's must have accessory and we've got the most striking and classic soft luxe suede version combine with drop pendant chain.

Stunning Choker with Drop Pendant - Click to See Price.

 8. Lace Black Velvet Choker and Bowknot

Black faux suede layered over lace. This necklace is in easy-matched style, feminine and bold yet slightly suggestive. Pair it with dress or shirt.

Lace Black Velvet Choker and Bowknot - Click to See Price. 

9. Drop Pendant Choker

Unique and eye-catching Drop Pendant Choker. Drop pendants are sexy. They draw attention to the collar bone. Chokers are sexy. They draw attention to the face and neck. 

Drop Pendant Choker - Click to See Price.

10. Double layer Black Choker with Charm Pendant

A double layer choker with a touch of color. It has the simple versatility of the "rope" style choker.  But the gem adds just enough. It almost looks vintage. Available in a variety of colors. 

Double layer Black Choker with Charm Pendant - Click to See Price.

11. Multi-Layer Gold Choker Necklace

All the glam will be yours with this Gold Choker Necklace! Dainty layers of gold chain create a party perfect look.  

Multi-Layer Gold Choker Necklace - Click to See Price.

12. Rope Choker with Pendant

It's not too edgy or goth. Rope with a little bling.  You can really style it however you like.  Want to be cute? Wrap it and tie a bow. Want to draw attention to your chest? Leave a long piece hanging. Want to be sexy?  Wrap it so it looks like you're tied down. 

Rope Choker with Pendant - Click to See Price.

Do you have a particular choker style that you like? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.