boho bedroom curtains 

Bohemian is a style that has been popular in the fashion scene for quite some time now and it seems to have gained notice with regards to home décor. Beautiful bohemian decor is a style statement that combines old world style and the rich ethnic culture. Some of these include Morocco, India, Asia and other Eastern influences. 

The base of a lot of boho bedrooms decoration is the curtains. It add a touch of style and flair to any room. Design such as the drape curtains, netted curtains, or the classic white bedroom curtains gives the room a fresh and breezy feeling to match the natural light and coziness that define this style of decor. 

Unfortunately, shopping that for the most part can take some effort, and it isn’t cheap. So we have put together these list of boho inspired bedroom curtains ideas. It can help you figure out how to make that bedroom dream still come true, without spending too much.